Self Service: Installing an Application Using Self Service on a Mac

Self Service is available to Blake's school-owned Mac devices, which can be used to install new software, which Blake owns and is licensed to distribute to school-owned devices. A helpful analogy is to think of Self Service as Blake's version of the Apple App Store.

Watch: Using Self Service on the Mac

Requirements for Using Self Service on the Mac:

  • Your school-owned Mac needs to be connected to the Blake Academic Wifi Network
  • Your school-owned computer needs to be on-campus (HC, BC, MS, or US).
  • Your device will need sufficient available storage space to install the application. 

1. Open Self Service application, which is located in Applications.

  • Or you can use Spotlight Search, accessible from either the magnifying class icon in the top right of the bar at the top of the screen or by pressing Command(⌘) + Space, and type "Self Service" (or any portion of the term).


2. In the Self Service app, you can search for an application or scroll through the options of available apps.


3. Select the App (e.g. MPEG StreamClip), and select the Install Button.  


4. Watch the progress bar to ensure the application is installed before putting your computer to sleep, restarting, or shutting it down.  

Depending on the size of the application, you will need to spend 1-5 minutes to ensure the application completed its installation.  


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