How to Upgrade to Mac OS Ventura

Part I: Before You Start the Update.

You can update your computer from home or school. Please find your computer safely where you can keep it plugged in, and it will not be turned off or closed during the 1-4 hour update cycle.  

  1. Back up files on your computer to Google Drive. 
  2. Restart your computer. (Doing so will ensure you have quit and saved your work.) 
  3. Could you plug your computer into power and leave it on? Doing so will ensure your computer stays on in the middle of the update, which would be problematic.) 
  4. Please don't close the screen on your computer, shut down, or restart your computer.
  5. It would be best if you planned that it would take 45 min. to 4 hours for the update to be complete.  

Please click here to see a walkthrough of these steps in the video.


Part II: Starting the Update Process (est. 45 min - 2 hours):

1. A pop-up window will show you that a MacOS Upgrade is required.

2. choose "OK" to upgrade your Operating System.

3. choose "Cancel" if you would not like to proceed with Upgrading your Operating System.

3.  his pop-up is scheduled to appear once every week until "OK" has been selected.

(If you have chosen "Cancel" and want to Upgrade instead of waiting for the pop-up to appear again. Open Self-Service and search for "Ventura.")


Part III: Utilizing Self-Service: (est. 1-5 min)

1. After you have chosen "OK," the prompt will disappear, and Self-Service will open.

2.  sign in to Self-Service with your username and password,: Northrup

3. Once signed in, Ventura will be available for Upgrade

4.  lick the button underneath the Ventura Icon that says "Install"

5. A prompt will appear asking for your username and password, and click "Continue." (Use the same one you use to log into your computer.)


Part IV: Downloading Ventura (est. 10-15 min)

1. once you've clicked "Continue," a new box will appear saying, "Downloading Mac OS." this can take some time; just let the computer sit, and the progress bar will fill up. 

2. Once the progress bar completes or fills up, you'll be prompted to "confirm" this Upgrade.


Part V: Installing Ventura (est. 30-45 min)

1. After you've confirmed, an installation window will appear, letting you know it's preparing the installer.

2. The progress bar at the bottom will fill up; once it reaches 100%, the computer will restart.

3. Once the computer restarts, you can log in like always. 


Mac OS Upgrade has been completed.

If Ventura does not install or there are issues during this process, please submit a support ticket at







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