Creating Strong Passwords: A Systematic Approach or Using a Password Generator

There are two methods to create strong passwords.  First, you can employ a random password generator, such as

However, the most effective way  to create a complex password that is easy to remember, is through the use of acronyms.
For example, create a phrase which is easy to remember:

  • I like to eat Oreo cookies at night.
    • Take the first letter from each word:
      • IlteOcan
        • Substitute a number or symbol for one or more of the letters:
          • 1lteOc@n (substitute 1 for the I, @ for the a)

This process results in a password that will not be found in a dictionary, is not easily associated with the user (such as their address or phone # would be), and contains upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. This is a very complex password that is impossible to guess and would take a password cracker a long time to break.


To have a password generated for you, there are several websites which offer this free of charge. 

Here is one site:

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