Google Photos Backup for the Mac

The Google Photos Backup application allows you to backup all of your images to Google Photos. Google for Education allows unlimited storage and is easy to use.

1. Go to and click on the Download button to download the Google Photos Backup application.


2. Go to your download folder and double-click on gpautobackup_setup.dmg, then Install Google Photos Backup by dragging the application to the Applications folder.



3. Open the Google Photos Backup application and log in with your Blake credentials, if necessary.

4. Choose your backup sources and photo size preferences.


5. Click on Start backup. Remember, if this is the first time backing up your photos it can take several minutes depending on how many photos you have and the resolution (photo size) you chose.

6. Use the Google Photos Backup shortcut on the desktop title bar to verify all your photos have been uploaded successfully. Be sure the backup is complete before deleting any photos off your hard drive.



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