How to make files from a list of file names (Gloria Misfeldt)

Here is the steps I took to make this happen. 
Note** The instructions below are for future reference and I will tag this so next year the instructions will be accessible to any ISS support.

1. In a command prompt, CD to folder the files reside in 
2. Type in Dir >filenames.txt 
3. This will export a list of the file names 
4. In excel, import the list and remove all the extensions 
5. rename the month using find and replace 
6. With this list copy and past it into a text file 
7. Create a batch file with the following information 
======== Begnining of batch file======= 
REM you can rename the folder and path below for the destination 
REM you can change the extension in the set ext= to be any extension 
set dir=C:\New Folder 
set ext=pdf 
del /f /q "%dir%\*.%ext%" >nul 
for /f "delims=" %%f in (filenames.txt) do >"%dir%\%%~f.%ext%" ( 

====end of batch file====

make sure the txt file name matches the one in the script above

8. Run the batch file 
9. Right click on the folder and make sure that you set the user with full rights to the folder.

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