How to set your time zone in Doodle

Why is my time zone not pre-selected when I create or participate in a poll with time-zone support?

Doodle determines your time zone by looking up your so-called IP address in a time-zones database. On one hand, it is possible that this database is not up to date (but we update it on a regular basis). On the other hand, it is possible that your IP address is assigned to you by your employer or an Internet service provider with several locations, only one of which can be looked up in the database.

How can I set the time zone support in doodle?

1) To set the time zone in a doodle poll on a case-by-base basis, please view the following screencast: New Link 

2) To set the time zone in your doodle account permanently, please view the following screencast: New Link 

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