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    Dan Cummings

    eDocs Firewall, Proxy Settings – rev 08/24/ 2011

    Firewall and Proxy Settings for eDocs Docufide Client  Application Microsoft Windows Installation
    This document outlines the basic information that IT personnel will need to know when installing the
    Docufide Client Application in a network environment where a firewall or proxy server is present. It also
    identifies common problems that users may experience as a result of a particular firewall or proxy server
    If the computer where the Docufide Client Application is being installed is on a network, a network firewall
    might be blocking access to the TCP/IP port used by the program. If this is the case, the network
    administrator should make the necessary configuration adjustments to allow communication between the
    Client program and the Docufide servers.
    Many software firewalls are configured to prohibit access to all non-standard ports. The Docufide
    Client application communicates with the Docufide servers through SSL port 443. This allows for realtime, secure (encrypted) data transfer to and from the SIS client for transcript data transmission. Please
    refer to the manual of the software or hardware firewall or proxy server to make the necessary
    configuration changes to open port 443 if necessary.
    • Docufide Server IP: TO
    • Port used by Docufide Client Application: 443
    • Docufide Server URL (https):, and
    If PC computers on the network communicate with the Internet through a proxy server, the Client
    Application can be configured for proxy server communications through its user interface controls.
    (Click the Client padlock icon ( ) in the System Status Area (in the top right-hand corner of the screen),
    then click on “Configure Docufide Client/”, then go to the “Proxy server” tab to make this setting.)
    See the document titled “Docufide Client Application for eDocs – Installation
    Guide for Windows” for information about this configuration process.
    Verify Internet Connection
    To verify that the Client can communicate successfully over the Internet with the Docufide servers, a link
    test can be performed as follows:
    1. Open the Client user interface (UI) by right clicking the Docufide Client Application padlock icon in the
    System tray Area, and then clicking on “Setup”.
    2. When the UI opens on the screen, select the “Check” tab.
    3. Click the “Test Now” button to send a test transmission to the Docufide server.
    A confirmation message will appear in the adjoining window indicating the success or failure of the
    transmission test and the time of completion. (See figure 1. below) eDocs Firewall, Proxy Settings – rev 08/24/ 2011
    Figure1. Check tab of client user interface
    Please direct additional questions to Naviance eDocs Customer Service at: or
    1.866.337.0080, option 2. (If calling from outside the U.S. or Canada, please dial +1.703.859.7300,
    option 2.)

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