iPhoto: Create a new photo library

Background: You can create multiple photo libraries to organize your photos, albums, slideshows, projects (such as books, cards, and calendars), and then switch between the libraries. For example, you could keep separate libraries for your personal photos and your work photos. Or, if you have a child who takes photos, you can keep his or her photos in a separate library.

Note: You can modify items (such as albums) or edit photos in only one library at a time.

 Create a new photo library


  1. Quit iPhoto.
  2. Hold down the Option key as you open iPhoto.
  3. In the window that appears, click Create New.
  4. Type a name and choose a location to store the new photo library.
  5. Click Save.


You can switch to another library you’ve created at any time.  To learn how to switch libraries, please read:

iPhoto: Switch between libraries from your computer or an external drive


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