Mac computer running slow? Unresponsive laptop? Try restarting the computer.


We are experiencing a large number of laptop issues this week that resemble hard drive failures or data corruption but are actually caused by laptop users never restarting their laptops and thus needing to have laptops reimaged, wiping out everything. It is good practice to restart your laptop daily or several times per week -- this is simply not the same as quitting and restarting your applications (programs). 

If after restarting your laptop, your laptop is acting funny: slow to load, lot's of spinning beach balls, quitting/restarting unexpectedly, etc. See us right away, we can often avert a disaster by running diagnostics on your laptop and replacing a hard drive before it fails.

For those still experiencing strange performance behavior regarding browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari) after a restart, two things should be tried:

1. Clear out your cached browser data - 

a. "Clear browsing data..." Firefox
b. "Empty cache..." Google Chrome
c. "Clear recent history..." Safari

2. If you are getting errors using Moodle and Nanogong, try the following.

a. use Firefox
b. clear your Java Cache. See video on how to do this.

Last, but never least, backup your important files on a regular basis. If not sure how to do this, come see any of us, any time. see this PDF or Video on moodle.

- Author: Dan Trockman, Assistant Director of Learning Technologies

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