Rented or Purchased HD Online Video Will Not Play (HDCP support)

If you have purchased or rented a High Definition (HD) video from iTunes or other online service, it may not play through our projectors. In order to play digitally protected HD content, you typically have to play though a device directly connected to your laptop with a HDMI cable. The only permanently setup projector at Upper School with this setup is the Carlson Commons. You can reserve this space for class any time it is not in use. We can provide connectivity in advance in the CSDR wing of the Upper School for other library spaces or in science classrooms using proper adapters (not the default connection).

At the MS or LS, the only projectors with HD connections by default to the projector are the new, interactive Epson projectors. You will still need an HDMI adapter and cable to bridge the connection from your laptop to the Pilot connection box.

Alternatively, if you have already purchased or rented the HD version of the video, you do not need to re-rent or re-purchase the video. You can download the standard definition (SD) version of the video for free from Apple. You may have to change itunes preferences to accept multiple resolutions from the store. The SD version is not as fancy but will play on your projector.


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