Resolving a Single Sign-On Error on a Windows PC: An error occurred and single sign-on could not complete

If you receive the following error on your Windows PC computer

Error: "An error occurred and single sign-on could not complete"

Then please try the following steps to rectify the problem.

  1. Ensure that you have bookmarked the correct URL:  (If you would like to learn how to Bookmark Your Firefox Browser, please read: Bookmark Blake Email Link)
  2. Ensure you are using Firefox, the preferred web browser on a Windows PC.  Read: Make Firefox Your Preferred (or default) Web Browser for Google Apps (Mail, Calendar, Groups, Drive/Docs and Sites)
  3. Read: Clear the cache on Firefox and delete temporary Internet files to fix common website issues 
  4. Empty the cache and delete cookies.  Restart Firefox
  5. Restart the computer

If the error is still occurring, please submit a case to Support @Blake.

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