Reset or change your academic network password on an Apple Mac Computer (Mac Only)

To change your single sign-on Academic password, you MUST be on Blake's campus network.

(Please note, if you are a Business user, you must be hardwired to the Business network).  

Once you are online, and on-campus please follow the steps below: 

  1. From the Apple menu choose System Preferences.

  2. From the View menu choose "Users & Accounts," located in the System Preferences section.

  3. Select the username whose password you want to change.

  4. Click the Change Password button.

    Note: Your password must be at least 8 characters long, include an Uppercase letter, and a number.

  5. Enter a new password in both the Password and Verify fields, and add a hint if desired.

  6. If a dialog box appears with the message "Your Keychain password will be changed to your new account password," click OK.

  7. Restart your computer.
Reference  - Mac OS X: Changing or resetting an account password
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