Log Out of the Web Filter

Internet access on all 3 campuses now requires you to log onto the Barracuda Web Filter. If you are using a shared computer it is important that you remember to log off of the internet filter before leaving the computer. This will prevent others from using your login credentials and help keep your credentials secure. As always, please never click save or remember your password during internet sessions.

ISS has created a shortcut on every shared computer to make logging off the filter easy. 

       At MS, BC. HC, click on the Web Logout bookmark located on the upper left of the browser window. At US, click on the US Web Logout bookmark.

WebLogout.jpg                US_WebLogout.jpg


If you do not see a Web Logout bookmark or want to create one on your laptop see below:

For MS/BC/HC - save a bookmark to http://webfilter/web/logout

For US - save a bookmark to http://uswebfilter/web/logout

Note: If you forget to logout of the web filter, Barracuda will log you off automatically after 12 hours of inactivity.

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