Off-Campus: Connecting to Blake VPN with Cisco AnyConnect Client on Macs to Access Mamabear, Papabear, and Babybear File Servers; FollowMe Print; and Finale

The Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client is a small application that allows you to connect to the BlakeAcademic or BlakeBusiness networks while off-site. 

  • It is used mainly for Academic and Business file server access.  File servers include: babybear, papabear, and mamabear.
  • It is used to allow students and faculty who use Make Music's Finale 2014 software to use it when they are off-campus. 
  • It is used to allow Blake employees who are assigned a laptop to print (and eventually release) to the FollowMe PaperCut Print Service when they are off-campus.

A VPN connection is also required for Business users on the BlakeAcademic wireless network at school to access their Business file servers. The Academic VPN can also be used by students to open Finale off-campus.


1. Open Spotlight and type Cisco AnyConnect. Click on the Cisco AnyConnect icon from the dropdown list to launch the application.Screen_Shot_2014-10-13_at_1.56.29_PM.png



2. Type: in the address bar and click Connect.




3. From here we can select either the Academic or Business network and enter the appropriate login username and password.




4. Review and Accept the usage policy.




5. AnyConnect will automatically update to the newest version if one is available. 


 Note: If the client restarts due to an update you will need to re-authenticate. 



6. Once you have connected successfully the main window will show a lock with a green checkmark and the Cisco AnyConnect item will popup in the menu bar.8._After_Connecting.png


8. Once connected, you can use the Go menu > Connect to Server to access your file server(s) just like you do at school.


9. From the menu bar icon you can view the VPN status and disconnect from the network once your work is complete.



Note: If you are trying accessing your file server while off-campus you will need to first establish a VPN connection, then use the Go menu. See: Connecting to the Fileserver (Mac Users).


Watch: How to Connect to the Academic FileServers (Babybear [LSHC], Papabear [LSBC, MS] and Mambear [US]) using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client (Virtual Private Networking):


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