Student LanSchool - Network Tampering Warning

This article applies to Blake computers with the student version of LanSchool installed.

If you see a blue screen with a Tampering Detected warning here are directions on how to correct. This will happen on student computers when you turn airport or ethernet off OR may even happen if you plug/unplug a thunderbolt cable. 



If you receive this message and wish to work offline,  leave Airport off and restart the computer. The tampering message will no longer pop-up. When you are ready to use the network again you can simply turn airport back on. 

If you receive this message after using a thunderbolt cable, leave the cable unplugged and restart the computer. The tampering message will no longer pop-up.

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    Skyler Peisley

    this was very helpful, im a sophmore in highschool, the school gave us 2013 or newer macbook airs that we could take home and at the end of senior year we could buy them for a few hundred bucks. at the time i was downloading emulators and roms and some sites would have fake download buttons or would not download what i wanted and instead download the adobe flash player or something it would be a dmg image called "Player.dmg" and they blocked my games and emulators (the admin did) and so when ever i would go offline the airport thing would pop up and i took it to them and i was like "Im not sure if its you or not and i was thinking if you could fix it." They said it wasn't them and told me it was probably a virus that was needed wifi in order to still be active or something. until now i believed that. now i found out that my admins were completely clueless about this and i was probably the only one that had this problem, and i would go offline when on long trips to save battery power and storage. thanks, you really helped me.

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