"Exit and Sign Out" in order to release Blackbaud Licenses (EE, RE, FE)

Background: There are a limited number of licenses for Blackbaud products, such as Education Edge (EE), Raiser's Edge (RE), and Financial Edge (FE).  It is critical that every employee who utilizes these tools to "Exit and Sign Out" of EE, RE, or FE each time before disconnecting from bbremote. Do not just close the remote desktop application.

Step 1: In order to quit and release a license from one if the Blackbaud applications (EE, RE, FE), select the File Menu within the database, then select "Exit and Sign Out" to quit a Blackbaud Application.

Step 2: To log off bbremote, select the Windows start button, and select "Log Off," this will log you off the server and close the remote desktop service application.  


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