PTC Wizard Parent Instructions

Log into PTC Wizard at:

Enter your username and password and click "sign in." Note, your password is case-sensitive.


Click "Add a Meeting"


Click one conference at a time if you have children in multiple divisions. If the page doesn't immediately change, click "Continue."


Check all of the teachers you want to meet with, scrolling down if necessary. Click "Continue."


Select the times you want to meet with each teacher. Note, if there are many teachers, you may need to scroll right. You can toggle between the different days near the top right.

If you click a box and you see a triangle with an exclamation point and an error message at the top that says a meeting is already scheduled, please check with your spouse/partner or in the case of a dual household, the other household, to see if they have already scheduled conferences.

Click "Continue"


Once you see this screen, this means your schedule has been saved!


 If the screens don't look right, try using a different browser. Chrome typically works well.

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