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Check guest availability

When you are scheduling a calendar entry for multiple people, it can be useful to check the schedules of each party to make sure you choose a time that works for everybody. If you are adding guests who also have Google Apps accounts with your school, you can check their availability to find a time that works, or use a Google Calendar tool to find the next available time everyone invited is free.


You can check your guest availability when you create a new calendar entry or edit the entry afterwards.


To check guest availability when you create a new calendar entry, follow these steps:

  1. Click Edit event details if you are not already viewing that page.
  2. Click Find a time below the date and time boxes.
  3. Add the guest to you event (see Add guests to a calendar entry)
  4. Events will show up when each individual is busy. The Shaded area is the event.  You can use this visual timeline to find an empty block when everyone can meet.


From your calendar window, you can view a calendar of someone who also has a Google Apps account at your school alongside your own calendar, just follow these steps:

  1. These steps assume your guest is someone with a Google Apps account at your school.
  2. If you have done so already, add the guest's calendar to your calendar list by typing in their email address in the left side column in the Other Calendars box.
  3. The added calendar will automatically be highlighted and visible in your calendar window.
  4. If you already added the guest, you can turn their calendar 'on' or 'off' by clicking on their name within the Other Calendars box.
  5. If your event requires more guests, continue to add their calendars in the Other Calendars box.
  6. With all the calendars viewable, you can now find free time on everyone's calendar.

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