View the calendars of my coworkers and friends

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* Calendar: View another user’s calendar

If other users have shared their calendars with you, you can view those calendars. If a user hasn't yet shared his or her calendar with you, can can send a request to that person.

  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. In the Other calendars list on the left, start typing a user's name or address in the Add a coworker's calendar field. In the list that appears, click the user whose calendar you want to add.

  1. If the user has shared his or her calendar, it appears in your list under Other calendars, and the user's events appear on your calender.

If the user has not shared his or her calendar, you'll see a page on which you can send a request to the user. Edit the default message if you like, and then click Send Invite.

Tip: To hide or show the user's events on your calendar, simply click the calender in your list.

Reference View another user's calendar

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