Adding Resource Calendars (Labs, Carts, Rooms, etc...) to View Availability

Add the resource calendar to your Blake Google calendar in order to make viewing the availability of a resource a snap.

First you'll need to locate the "Other Calendars" subheading on the left side of your calendar screen. Click the the drop down button to the right of "Other Calendars" and select "Browse Interesting Calendars"



When you are in "Interesting Calendars" you'll see 3 tabs: Holidays, Sports, and More. Click on "More"

Once you have selected "More" you'll see a link for "Resources for" Click on this link.


Once you click on "Resources" you will see the campuses that currently have resource calendars. In this case LSBC and LSHC both have resources available.




For the sake of this tutorial we will click on LSBC.

Once inside you will see all the available resources as well as a "Preview" and "Subscribe" link for each. "Preview" allows you to see when the resource is being used by day, week and month. This option is more of a quick peek or one-time view. "Subscribe" allows you to add it to your calendar so you can be aware of the resources usage in real-time on your calendar. 

Click on "Subscribe" to add a resource to your calendar.



In this example I have clicked to subscribe to LSBC - Laptop Cart A. After subscribing you should now be able to return to your calendar and see the times and locations of when the cart is being used.



Repeat this process to add as many resources to your calendar as you find helpful. 

Watch how to find and reserve a resource such as a laptop cart, computer, lab, or conference room:

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