Automate my inbox with filters and templates

Filters analyze emails as they receive and perform certain actions on the messages such as labeling, archiving, deleting, starring, or forwarding your mail. Filters even keep messages you want out of Spam. Once you set-up a filter, Apps mail does this all automatically based on a combination of keywords, sender, recipients, and more. 
Apps mail does not have a limit to the number of filters you can create, so you can create as many filters as you want - for labeling emails from distribution lists, for labeling emails from certain individuals, for starring emails with attachments, etc. Please note: You can create an unlimited number of filters, but only 20 filters can forward to other addresses. You can maximize your filtered forwarding by combining filters that send to the same address.
Basically, filters are an automatic organization system that let you tell Apps mail how to handle your email based on who it's from, who it's addressed to, or the subject or message content it contains. 


Suppose you receive weekly email newsletters titled "Math Round-up" from the school math department. You have already created labels for "Math Department"  and for "School Newsletters" which you use for these newsletters. These are not particularly important emails that need to appear in your inbox so you would like them to be Archived as they are recieved so that they will skip the inbox, but to be available every time you click on the "Math department" or "School newsletters" labels.  Apps mail can do this automatically with a custom filter. 


You set-up a filter that detects the common subject "Math Round-up," and specify that you want to have the "Math department" and "School newsletters" labels applied to these messages, and to Archive the messages so they don't appear in the inbox view. After you set-up the filter, every week when the "Math Round-up" newsletter is sent, it goes directly to your "Math department" and "School newsletter" labels without going to your inbox first. After 2 weeks, you check your "Math department" label and see 2 "Math Round-up" newsletters unread within the label. 

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