Create contacts groups

Your Contact Manager has a few default contact groups to help you organize your most used and most important contacts. These groups won't affect your ability to create custom contact groups - such as groups for classes, clubs, organizations, committees, etc. While the default groups - which include My Contacts, Most Contacted, Friends, Family, and Coworkers - cannot be deleted, you do not need to add contacts to them if you prefer. You can opt to just create your own custom groups.
About the default contact groups:
  • My Contacts organizes the addresses you care about. If you know you'll want to find someone often, you can move a contact to this group by selecting one of your contacts and clicking Move to My Contacts. You'll learn how to remove a contact from My Contacts in the next steps.
  • Most Contacted includes the 20 addresses you use most frequently. Apps mail automatically updates this list for quick and easy reference.
Reference Manage Contacts
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