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Starred messages

You can mark a conversation or message with a star that appears next to the message in your Inbox. Stars can be an eye-catching way to mark a special message or even a great visual reminder to follow up on a message later.

Stars will only appear to you and not to anyone else, so you won't offend Mom by starring her messages rather than reading them!

How to add a star

To star a message from your Inbox, just click the star icon  next to the sender's name. You can also add a star when reading a message by clicking the icon on the right above the message.

To star a new message that you're writing, click Labels above the message and then select Add star.

Get more star designs

You can also choose to use multiple types of stars to indicate different types of messages. For example, you might use a green star for messages you want to read again and a red exclamation mark for messages that you need to follow up on.How to choose more star options

Search for starred messages

Search using "has:" with the star's name (like "has:yellow-star") to find messages with a particular star. See this list of star names and other search operators, or find a star's name on your Settings' General tab by hovering your mouse over the star icon.


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