Format the text of an email including how to change the font style (bold, italics, underline), text size, text color, insert emoticons, number lists, bulleted lists, indent less, indent more, left align text, center align text, and right align text

Format an email

You can customize Apps mail messages with rich formatting, add color to your greetings, underline key points, or make your words bold. Here's how to enhance your messages:

  1. Click Compose Mail at the top of any Gmail page.
  2. Click the icon for the formatting feature you'd like to use in the formatting toolbar above the compose window. See below for a full chart of all the formatting options.
  3. If you don't see any icons, click Rich formatting >> to display all formatting options.
  4. Type your message! (Please note that Gmail doesn't recognize HTML tags inserted in the body of a message.)


If you decide you'd like to write a message in plain text format, just click << Plain text along the top of the compose window.



Google Mail’s Formatting Options


Bold - bold all or some of your message

Italics - italicize all or some of your message

Underline - underline all or some of your message

Font - select a special font

Font Size - change the font size of all or some text

Font Color - change the color of all or some text

Highlight Color - highlight the text of a message

Remove Formatting - remove formatting from selected text

Hyperlink Text - hyperlink the selected text

Numbered List - create a numbered list in your message

Bulleted List - create a bulleted list in your message

Indent Less - move text closer to the left of the page

Indent More - indent text further to the right of the page

Quote Text - format a block of text as a quote

Left Align - align text along the left side of the page

Center Align - align text in the center of the page

Right Align - align text along the right side of the page

Right to left* - changes the directionality of text composing

Left to right* - changes the directionality of text composing



Rich formatting is not available in Apps Mail's basic HTML view. At this time there is no way to save customized formatting options as a default Apps Mail's setting. Read later in the chapter how to personalize your inbox and learn more about standard vs basic view and signature settings.


If you are composing an email to a group of people, and have some recipients for whom responses are welcome, but not required, you can add the addresses to the "CC" or Carbon Copy line. Display this field by clicking Add Cc.



If you're sending a message to several people and want to hide each recipient's email address, you can use the blind carbon copy feature. Simply enter the email addresses that you do not want to display to the recipients in the Bcc field of your composed message by clicking Add Bcc.


Reference Format an email


If you don't want any of the email addresses to show up to the recipients, common practice is to include your own email address in the To field, and all of the recipients' addresses in Bcc. When you do this, recipients will only see your email address and no other.

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