Tracking an Email using Message Headers for Phishing Scams

In order to for ISS to track the origin of your email, you will need to provide the message header.  Headers contain tracking information for an individual email, detailing the path a message took as it crossed mail servers, which will help us identify phishing scams or other unsolicited email.  Be sure to mark spam if you suspect a phishing attempt.  For more information read: Report Spam. How to manage your spam filter in Gmail.  
To gather your message header:
  1. Open the email in question
  2. Select "Show Original," which is located under the drop-down menu next to the reply button.  (Fig. 1: "Show Original")
  3. Copy the full text of the message and send it in the body of a Support @Blake case. (Fig. 2 Example of Message Header)

Fig. 1: "Show Original"
Fig. 2 Example of Message Header


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