Attaching Files to a Google Site using the File cabinet page

Watch How to use the File Cabinet to Attach Your Files and Link Them to Other Sections of Your Google Site:

A File Cabinet page type allows you to upload and manage documents from your hard drive onto your site and organize them into folders. This can be used to organize common documents in one place. 

Please note: A file cabinet page cannot be used to upload a document created in Google Docs. It is only for documents that you already have on your computer and want to upload to your site.

For those times when your hard drive crashes or you accidentally save over a document, version history is stored for documents so you can always return to an earlier version.

Other examples of file cabinet pages at your school could include:

  • Repository of all materials for a class on a class site
  • Parent communications (forms, notices, etc) on a class or school site
  • Shared lecture presentations on a school faculty site

Any attachment you make to a file cabinet page will also be available to manage in your site settings under More Actions > Manage site > Attachments. There you will see attachments from any file cabinet page within yoru site, in addition to attachments added to individual pages, or images uploaded to place on a page.

Page subscribers of file cabinet page types are notified of new files, updated files, and delete files.

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