Submitting a template to the Google Drive Template Gallery

Watch How to Create a Template in Google Docs/Drive:

To submit a template to the template gallery from your Drive, check the box next to the item, click the More drop-down menu, and select Submit to template gallery. Then follow these steps:

  1. Enter a short description, pick one or two categories for the template, and select a language.
  2. Click Submit template.

You can also submit a template from the templates main page. Here's how:

  1. Click Submit a template
  2. Click Choose from your Google Drive and select a template from your Drive that you'd like to submit.
  3. Click Select.
  4. Enter a short description, pick one or two categories for the template, and select a language.
  5. Click Submit template.

You should then see your submitted template under the selected categories and under the My Templates tab. It may take up to several minutes for the template to appear. Keep in mind that there's a maximum of templates you can submit per day. When you've reached the limit, you'll see an error message. The template you were trying to submit will be saved, and if it gets approved, it will later appear in the template gallery.

When submitting a template to the public gallery, your Google profile name appears next to the template. You can change this name by signing in to your Google Account, going to the My Account page, and clicking Edit profile.


  • Only documents created in the new version of Google Docs can be submitted to the template gallery. To submit a document created in the old version of Google Docs to the template gallery, upgrade your document, then submit it following the instructions above.
  • Any template submitted to the public gallery could appear in Google search results.
  • Google may remove a template if it doesn't contribute to the purpose of the template gallery.
Reference: Google Drive - Submitting a template
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