Create a Pivot Table in Google Spreadsheets

Watch How to Create a Pivot Table in Google Spreadsheets:


Pivot tables help you summarize and analyze large datasets by displaying the information in more digestible formats. They make it much easier to take out small pieces of information and conclusion from a large set of information.

  • To create a pivot table in a Google Spreadsheet, first select all of your data.
  • Then go to “data” on the top menu
  • Select “Pivot Table Report”

  •  Once you click on “Pivot Table Report,” you will be led to a new page on your Google Spreadsheet with your Pivot Table
  • On the right side of your screen, you can determine the rows, columns, values, and filters for your pivot table
  • Once you set your values, you can also create a chart out of your data
  • To create a chart, click on “insert chart” on the top navigation menu.


Reference: Google Gooru - Create a Pivot Table in Google Spreadsheets

Google Drive Help - Overview of pivot table reports

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