Organizing Groups into Folders and Adding a group to Favorites

Watch How to Add a Group to Favorites:

You can use Google Groups "starring" mechanism to quickly add group to Favorites. To add a group to Favorites:

  1. Click on the star () to the left of a group name. A pop-up dialog box appears indicating that the group was added to Favorites. The star to the left of the group name is solid to indicate it is a Favorite group.
  2. (optional) To move the group into a sub-folder under Favorites:
    1. Click on the Change folders button to select a different folder under Favorites for the group. A list of folders appears.
    2. Click on a folder to move the group into that sub-folder or click New folder to create a new sub-folder.
Tip: Click on a star next to a group name to display a pop-up dialog box . Click on the 'Remove from favorites' link to remove the group from Favorites.
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