Signal that you agree with a post in Google groups

Sometimes you can signal that you agree with a post with the Me too! button or voting arrows.

“Me too!” the first post in a topic

In some groups, if someone posts a new topic that you agree with, you can Me too! their post. This option is commonly used in Q&A forums, to let group members show that they have the same question that someone else has posted. This signals that the topic is an important one. If enabled for your group, it looks like this:

You can only Me too! the initial post in a topic.

If you click Me too!, others can see that you agreed. For example, here’s how it looks after someone else clicked Me too! on the above post:

Vote on a reply

You might also want to show that you like a particular reply. If you see up and down arrows by posts, then you can click them to vote that you do or don’t think the reply is helpful. Here’s a reply that 3 people found helpful:

If you click the up arrow in the above example, the total will go up to 4. If you click the down arrow, the “helpful” votes will stay at 3 and the number of “not helpful” votes will be 1. You can vote only once per post. If you click an arrow multiple times, your vote toggles on and off. If you click the up arrow and then the down arrow, your initial “helpful” vote is canceled and the “not helpful” total goes up.

Note: You can never Me too! or vote on your own posts, and you need to be signed in as a member of the group.

Reference: Google Group Help - Post topics and responses

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