Require that Posts are Moderated

Turn on message moderation

Message moderation allows certain group members the ability to approve messages before they appear within a group. To turn on message moderation:

  1. From the Topics screen, click on the Manage button. A list of items appears on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Click on Settings. Several items are listed.
  3. Click on Moderation. The message moderation screen appears.
  4. Click on the select moderation options to display options for turning on message moderation.
  5. Click on Yes to turn on message moderation for all members or Only messages from new members to only turn on message moderation for new members.
  6. Click on Notify members when authors reject their posts to notify members when their messages are rejected.
  7. (optional) Enter a message in the Rejected author notification field that will be sent to all members whose messages are rejected.
  8. (optional) Select a method for handling spam from the Send them to the moderation queue and send notification to moderators menu.
Posted K.Stesin'13 7/5/12

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