Require Group Members to Display their Blake-Assigned Google Name

Configure member identity settings

The Identity screen contains a couple group-wide options for member idenity.

  1. From the Topics screen, click on the Manage button. A list of items appears on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Click on Settings. Several items are listed.
  3. Click on Identity. The Email options screen appears with a few group-wide identity settings.
  4. (optional) Select one of the Required forms of identity:
    • Display name only - Allow people to post using a pseudonym such as "TheBoss."
    • Google profile - Requiers people to post using their real identity as part of their Google profile.
    • Either display name or Google profile - Allows users to select between display name or real name when posting.
  5. (optional) Check the Display names are required to be unique within this group checkbox to require users to create unique display names (no two members will have the same display name).
  6. Click Save to save your Identity settings.
Posted by K. Stesin'13 7/5/12
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