General Support Resources for Hapara (Links and Tutorials)

Hapara is a teacher-centric dashboard for organizing and assigning Google Docs in each of your classes.  

Students do not have Hapara, rather, when classes and students are loaded into the Hapara Dashboard for you by ISS, students will have a folder shared with them in Google Drive that bears the name of your course. Anything they place in that folder will be shared with you. Their are other features as well but that example was provided to help you understand how students see Hapara. If you mention Hapara to them they will have no idea what you are referring to.

For technical or pedagogical assistance please contact Maelene Krig at the MS or Sean Hickey at US. 

It is the responsibility of the teacher using Hapara in the classroom to notify students (Via Moodle or Canvas) that they are using Hapara and that students should check their class folder in their individual Google Drive each time there is an assignment. Teachers should reference the name of the document in the Moodle or Canvas course pages so students can search on those terms to find the document in Google Drive. It is best practice for teachers to ask students to locate that document while still in class.

Their is now a new Hapara product offering called Workspace. We have not yet evaluated or enabled that product offering for use at Blake.


Hapara users access:

  • Hapara Teacher Dashboard -
    • Hapara Admin Dashboard is only available to Hapara administrators from the Teacher Dashboard.
    • Students have no dashboard, rather they see a class folder which they can access and add files to.

Here are some helpful resources from Hapara for your professional development:

  1. Teacher dashboard Support Video Tutorials
  2. Hapara Vimeo Channel (all the most up to date tutorials from Hapara)
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