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SMART Exchange lets you:

  • Find content right from the home page with a fast search that provides relevant results.


  • Filter your results by curriculum, grade, subject, media type, state standards, author, and teacher recommendations.


Altering Downloaded Files

Locking/Unlocking Objects

Some objects in your downloaded may be locked. When you click on the object a  appears in the upper right corner.

  • To unlock an object, simply click on the padlock and select ‘unlock.’


  • To lock any object in place select the object, the drop-down menu in the upper right corner, and select ‘Locking’ and ‘Lock in Place.’


  • To delete any object (including text) select ‘cut’ from the object’s drop-down menu.


Many objects in your downloaded file can be altered from the object’s drop-down menu under
properties. You can also open this menu by selecting the properties tab. You can alter:

  • Fill Effects
  • Line Style
  • Object Animation

If one of these options does not appear, then you cannot change that property.

To change the background color, you can:

  • Right click/Ctrl+click anywhere on the screen and select ‘Set Background.’ OR
  •  Open the properties tab, click on the background and choose a color under ‘Fill Effects.’

Adding graphics
To add a graphic to a page open the gallery tab.

  • Search for a graphic in the search bar at the top.
  • Drag and drop onto your page.


There may be objects hyperlinked in your downloaded file.

  • You can view the links on a page by selecting View - Show All Links When Page Opens.
  • If you want to alter or remove a link, select ‘Link...’ from the object’s drop-down menu.


You may want to use pieces of a downloaded file. You can clone, delete, and even transfer pages from one notebook file to the next through the page sorter tab.

  • Clone: Select the page you wish to clone (make an exact copy) and choose ‘Clone Page’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Delete: Select the page you wish to delete and choose ‘Delete Page’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Transfer a page
    • You will need 2 notebook files open and visible on your screen- the file from which you
      want the page AND the file that you want to move the page into.
    • Open the page sorter tab in each file. Make sure ‘Auto-hide’ (lower corner of page
      sorter tab) is unchecked.
    • Drag and drop the page from one file into the page sorter tab of the other file.


The Attachments tab will show you any supporting documents and webpages from your downloaded file.

  • To see if there are any attached documents or websites, select the attachments tab.
  • Double click on an attachment to view.


Reference:  Christine Bangsund & Margaret Jacobson, ICCSD 

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