SMARTBoards 101

Is it On?

On the lower right-hand side there is a light. This light tells you if the board is ready or not ready.

  • Solid Green- Ready to go
  • Blinking Green- Communicating with a computer, but not ready. Usually this means that the SMART Board drivers have not been installed on the computer you want to use.
  • Red- Not connected/communicating with any computer
  • No Light- Not plugged in

Orient the Board

Orienting the board allows the computer and board to ‘line up together’ so that the board knows exactly where you are touching. Orient the board when setting it up, or if the projector or board has been moved since the last use.


Press both the Keyboard and the Right Mouse buttons simultaneously until the Orientation screen appears.


Using a pen, press firmly on the board and drag to the cente of each cross.  It will go in the order that it needs.  If you make a mistake on any given point, press one of the buttons on the pen tray and it will back up to the previous point.  The last point of orientation is the most important as it "sets" the entire board.


The Gallery contains clip art, backgrounds, multimedia content, .notebook files and pages that you can use. The Gallery also gives access to other online resources.


2 ways to find things

  • Expanding Folders
  • Search: comprehensive; searches My Content, Essentials for Educators, and Lesson Activity Toolkit

Search Results: broken down into different categories

  • Related Folders
  • Pictures and Backgrounds
  • Interactive and Multimedia
  • Notebook Files and Pages
  • Themes


So save as a SMART Notebook file, select File, then Save. You can only open it with SMART Notebook.

Below are other options. Select File, then Export.
When you save or export, it will save any writing created with the pens.


Reference: SMART Boards 101 Christine Bangsund and Margaret Jacobson

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