Troubleshoot the SMART BoardTM 800 series interactive whiteboard

Using the Ready light to troubleshoot the SMART BoardTM 800 series interactive whiteboard

You can use the Ready light as a starting point for troubleshooting problems with the SMART BoardTM 800 series interactive whiteboard.
The Ready light indicates the status of the interactive whiteboard. It’s located on the left side of the pen tray beside the Help button.



The following table shows the Ready light’s normal states.


Flowchart 1: Getting started


Flowchart 2: The Ready light is off

When the Ready light is off, the interactive whiteboard isn’t receiving power.


If the computer is in standby mode, the Power button on the pen tray is off. Press the Power button or touch the interactive surface to wake up the computer.
To reset the interactive whiteboard, use a long, narrow object, such as a ball-point pen, to press the recessed Reset button briefly (less than three seconds).

Alternatively, disconnect the power cable from the wall, and connect it again.
When you reset the interactive whiteboard, all the pen tray LEDs flash sequentially twice, indicating successful communication with the controller. If they flash continuously, contact SMART Technical Support.

Check that the power cable is connected to the correct receptacle. The audio and power receptacles are located beside each other on the back of the pen tray.

Flowchart 3: The Ready light is red

A red Ready light indicates that the interactive whiteboard is receiving power, but isn’t communicating successfully with your computer. In most cases, pen tray LEDs won’t turn on and the screen isn’t responsive to touch.



Flowchart 4: The Ready light is flashing green

This is the normal mouse mode state when SMART Product Drivers isn’t installed on your computer. This mode can be useful for occasional or guest users who don’t require the use of SMART Board tools or pen tray functions.

Before you can use the SMART Board tools or the pen tray pens and eraser, SMART Product Drivers must be installed and running. If the SMART Board icon doesn’t appear in the Windows® notification area or Mac Dock, you must start SMART Product Drivers.

Flowchart 5: The Ready light is solid green but the interactive

A solid green Ready light indicates that the interactive whiteboard is operating correctly. However, if the pen tray tools don’t work as expected, or the interactive whiteboard isn’t sensitive to touch, use the following flowchart to troubleshoot your interactive whiteboard.



Reference:  SMART Boards 101 Christine Bangsund and Margaret Jacobson





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