Configuring 2 Sided Default Printing for Mac

Note: the Konica MFP's installed in 2015 and the FollowMePrint service have 2 sided printing enabled by default. If there is another device, such as a small LaserJet printer or home printer that has two-sided capabilities, you can follow these directions.



Configuring a 2 sided printing default

  1. Select Print from the File menu. Click on “Preview”
  2. Select “Layout” from the drop down menu

3. Click on “Two-Sided” drop down menu

4. Select “Long-Edge binding”

5. Click the “Presets” drop down menu

  1. Select “Save As” from the drop down menu.
  2. Name your Preset what you would like to call it. In this case, I named it 2 Sided. Clickthe “OK” button.
  3. Your new setting will now show up in the “Presets” drop down menu. If you select thispreset, it will become your default printer setting until you select another setting.

Author Unknown, Blake Information Support Services
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