Login into Konica MFP/Copier/Printer using ID Number to Copy (Special Programs Only)

If you do not have a badge or Academic Network Account (e.g. @blakeschool.org Google Apps/Mail account) provided to you, then you can have your Blake Host (e.g. Director or Manager), submit a Support Service request to have an ID Number provided to you in order to access the Copier function on an MFP/Copier.  

Once you have the ID Number, then the following steps will log you into the Copier.

1. Select the "ID Number" Button.  Enter the ID Number provided by your Blake Host.


2. Enter the ID Number provided by your Blake Host.  Select enter.

3. Select the "User Copier" button.

4. Select the "Copy" function


5. When you are finished select the "Access" button to log out of your session.  


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