Sending a FAX on a Konica MFP

There are three locations to send a FAX at Blake.  They include:

  • Highcroft Campus - HC Office MFP, Wayzata, Room 208A
  • Blake Campus - MS ADM Color MFP, Hopkins, Room 430
  • Northrop Campus - US Office MFP, Minneapolis, Room 130


To send a fax:

1. Place originals Face Up in document feeder or Face Down on glass

2. Log into the MFP and press FAX/SCAN button (next to Copy button)

3. Choose your desired Fax destination(s) from the Address Book or Type in your fax number by pressing the 10Keypad button below the screen


4. Press OK


5. Press the Simplex/Duplex button if you are faxing a 2-Sided document


6. Press Start button

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