Install PaperCut FollowMePrint on a Mac computer

1. Go to the Apple menu, System Preferences and select Printers & Scanners.



2. Click the + (plus) sign to add a FollowMePrint queue that allows you to print to any campus MFP.  Select the IP tab at the top of the window.

3. Find your campus below and fill in the fields as follows. You may add more then one FollowMePrint queue if needed.


Address: enter

Protocol: set to LPD

Queue: enter FollowMePrint  (case sensitive)

Name: enter FollowMePrint  (case sensitive)

Location: Any campus (will be slower at HC and US so use a site specific queue below if Hopkins is not your main campus)


Address: enter

Protocol: set to LPD

Queue: enter USFollowMePrint  (case sensitive)

Name: enter USFollowMePrint  (case sensitive)

Location: US


Address: enter

Protocol: set to LPD

Queue: enter HCFollowMePrint  (case sensitive)

Name: enter HCFollowMePrint  (case sensitive)

Location: HC



4. Under Use, choose Select Software.



 5. Search for Konica Minolta C364e PS​. Click OK.



6.  Click Add, then Continue on the next pop-up window. Use the following MFP options displayed below and click OK.



7.  You should now see a FollowMePrint queue in your printer list. Set your Default printer to your campus FollowMePrint queue.

Now, anytime you print, your print jobs will "follow" you!  You can go to any MFP on any campus and release your print jobs using your Blake access card. This will reduce paper costs and keep your printouts confidential.



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