Cisco Lobby Ambassador - Lobby Manager Instructions

Lobby Ambassador Outline

  1. Logging into Cisco Lobby Ambassador  *Firefox browser is recommended

  2. Creating a guest account

  3. Providing Guest account credentials

    • Emailing Guest account credentials

    • Printing Guest account credentials

    4. Creating a guest account with access longer than seven days


1. Logging into Cisco Ambassador


To provision guest wireless accounts, log into Cisco Prime Web . You will receive a message that your connection is not private. Click advanced, and then click “Proceed to”




At the login page, enter your username and password for Lobby Ambassador. 

 Once you are logged in, select Add Guest user from the drop-down menu, and then click Go.

2. Creating a Guest account

Accounts that are set up for Registrar users are able to create accounts for up to 7 days. For guest wireless access beyond 7 days, please submit a support ticket to ISS


Setting up a guest account for one day

To set up the guest account with the default value of being active for one day, enter the username following the naming convention of first initial, middle initial, and the last name for the username, select Generate Password and click Save.





3. Providing Guest Account Credentials


To provide the guest user with access, go into Guest users, check the box by the user that you wish to print or email the credentials to, and select Print/Email User Details, and click Go


In Guest Account Details, you have the options to either Print or Email the credentials.


Printing Guest Account Details:

To print the guest account details and provide to the guest, select the Printer Icon 

Emailing Guest Account Details:

1. Select the email icon

2. Enter the users personal email password, and for the subject, enter something like “ Guest Wireless for Blake + the time the account is active for. The default time for a guest account to remain active is 8 hours.  To extend this time ( no more than 5 days), see Creating a guest account with access longer than 8 hours below.


If you are emailing the credentials, a window will pop up prompting for the user’s email address and a subject line. Enter the users personal email and in the subject line, enter Blake Guest wireless access - 8 hours( or the amount of time the account is to remain active)


Once you have populated the email ID and Subject fields, select Send. The guest will recieve an email with their guest credentials. The email looks like this:


4. Creating a guest account with access longer than one week                 (ISS Staff)


     * For accounts that require access for longer than one week, users that have been delegated access outside of the Information Support Services will need to submit a support request to have an ISS agent create the account. 

ISS staff: By default, the guest accounts you create will be active for one day. If you have a user or group of users which will need access for longer, create a user account but before you click OK to create the account, go to the Advanced tab and set the end time for the account.  Accounts that are needed for longer than one month, escalate the support ticket to either Joe London or Sue Selseth. 


To extend a guest account to a longer time, go into the Guest Users area, select the account you wish to extend access to, and choose the advanced tab. In the advanced tab, select the time you wish to extend access to, or the date to end access, and then select Save.


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