Embed a Picasa web album as a slideshow in Google Blogger (deprecated 4/2016)

You can jazz up your blog or website by embedding a slideshow, album, or image. All it takes is a small snippet of HTML that you paste in the source code for your blog or website. Here's how to get it:

Watch how to embed a slideshow from Picasa web album as a slideshow in Google Blogger:


You can embed a Flash slideshow of any web album. It'll be automatically updated when you make changes to your album. Follow these steps to embed a slideshow:

  1. On the My Photos page, click your album.
  2. Click Link to this album on the right-hand side.
  3. Click Embed Slideshow.
  4. Choose your slideshow settings, such as image size, captions, and autoplay.
  5. Once you've chosen your settings, copy the resulting HTML code (Ctrl-C).
  6. Paste the HTML in the source code for your site (Ctrl-V).


Note: These tools will only use for albums with visibilities set to be 'Public' or 'Limited, anyone with the link."


Reference: Google Help Picasa - Embedding albums, images, and slideshows

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