Embed a Picasa Web Albums image in your website. (deprecated 4/2016)

You can jazz up your blog or website by embedding a slideshow, album, or image. All it takes is a small snippet of HTML that you paste in the source code for your blog or website. Here's how to get it:

Follow these steps to embed a Picasa Web Albums image in your site.

  1. On the My Photos page, click your album.
  2. Click the photo you'd like to embed.
  3. Click Link to this Photo on the right sidebar.
  4. Set the following preferences:
    • Select your preferred image size.
    • Select 'Hide album link' to remove a link to the containing album, which is displayed by default with the image.
    • Select 'Image only (no link)' to get the image URL by itself, with no link back to Picasa Web Albums.
  5. Copy the HTML (Ctrl-C) in the 'Embed image' field on the right-hand side.
  6. Paste the HTML (Ctrl-V) in the source code for your site.


Note: These tools will only use for albums with visibilities set to be 'Public' or 'Limited, anyone with the link."


Reference: Google Help Picasa - Embedding albums, images, and slideshows

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