Upload an image(s) to Picasa web albums; Create a new album (deprecated 4/2016)

Watch how to upload an image(s) to Picasa web albums and Create a new album:


Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Click the “Upload” button at the top of the Picasa screen.

  2. This will open the “Upload Photos and Videos” window, where you can upload photos in two ways:
    • You can click “Select photos from your computer” which will allow you to browse your drives to select the image you wish to upload.
    • Or you can drag and drop pictures from your drives, desktop, or other storage device right onto the screen.
  3. Next choose where the images will be stored:
    1. If these images are going into a new album, type in the name in the “Album name” box at the top.
    2. If you are adding them to an album that already exists, you can click “add to an existing album” and then pick the album from the drop-down menu.
  4. Finally, click the “Add photos” button to save the images to your album.
Using Picasa Web Albums by Eric Curts
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