Make your Picasa web album public in order to share it on a website (deprecated 4/2016)

If you want to share the images in your album for anyone else to view, you will need to make it public. For example this would be good for the pictures of the class field trip that you want to make available through your website for parents to see.

Watch how to make your Picasa web album public in order to share it on a website:

Follow Step-by-Step Instructions: 

  1. Open the album you wish to make public.
  2. Click “Actions” and then “Album properties”, or instead click the “edit” link in the top right corner of the album screen.

  3. This will open the “Edit album information” window.
  4. Here you can change the title and date, and add a description.
  5. This is also where you can change who can see the album by clicking the “Visibility” drop-down menu and choosing:
    • “Public on the web” - Anyone can access the album
    • "Limited to anyone with link" - Just users who are provided the URL/link can access the album
    • “” - Just users in your Google Apps domain can access the album
    • “Only you” - Private.  No one else can access the album.


Note: This does not specifically share your album with others, but makes it public so that you can let them see it. See below for information on how to direct people to your album.

Note: You can also make changes to multiple album visibilities at once. On the My Photos page, select Edit Visibility located above your albums.


Using Picasa Web Albums by Eric Curts
Picasa Web: Help: Changing album visibility
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