How to order prints from Picasa Web Albums (deprecated 4/2016)

Once people access your public photos, they may want to get physical printed copies of the images. For example parents and grandparents may want to order copies of the photographs from the school play that you have posted in your Picasa Web Album. This can be done as follows:


  1. The user opens the Picasa Web Album, and then clicks to open an individual picture.
  2. Next they click “Prints” in the top menu bar, and “Order prints” from the drop-down menu.
  3. This adds that image to their shopping cart.
  4. They repeat this for all the images they wish to order.
  5. When done, they click “Prints” and “View order
  6. Now they can select the company they wish to use to order the printed pictures.
  7. Once they choose the company they will leave the Picasa site and go to that company site to complete the order.


Reference:Using Picasa Web Albums by Eric Curts

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