What happened to Picasa? Introducing Google Photos!

Google is deprecating Picasa. As of March 2016, the computer desktop application service was already ended and the web-based, Picasa web, will end at some future date.  


In the meantime, all of your photos you have in Picasa are available in Google Photos. Go there now: https://photos.google.com/

Use Google Photos in much the same way that you used Picasa. Over the next months and years, Google will continue to add features to Photos.

If your goal is to add images to your Blogger-based blog, at Blake, all the places where you are prompted to add from Picasa will actually draw from your Google Photos. If you create an album in Photos, you will be able to draw from that album or link to the entire album on Blogger if multiple photos are your goal.

Consider adding the Google Photos app to your mobile device to automatically link it to your Google Photos account. This will give you unlimited and automatic storage on Photos so you can link images for your online needs and backup your work. You can delete the images from your devices knowing they are backed up by google.

See this document from Google describing the shift from Picasaweb to Photos.

You can get a more detailed overview of how to use Photos by visiting this tutorial on Lynda.com.



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