Automatic Synchronization from LucidChart To Google Drive

To automatically synchronize Lucidchart with Google Drive, you will need to first install the Lucidchart app for Drive.

  1. Visit the Account Settings web page in LucidCharts.  Visit:

  2. Modify the way you sync and secure your files to your Drive account and local backup.
  3. Select Automatic Synchronization in order to automatically sync documents you create in Lucidchart to your Drive account or only have files created in Google Drive be added to your Lucidchart documents area.
  4. Select the "Save Changes" button.

LucidCharts Tutorial: Syncing LucidChart Files with GoogleDrive
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    Janel Rieger

    Great answer! Thanks so much. This is very thorough. Can't wait until next year when we can add to the image.

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