Blog Dashboard: Lists your blogs, posts, and customization.

The Dashboard is your control panel for starting new posts and customizing your blog.

Your Dashboard, as always, is your starting point. This is where all your blogs are listed, and you can click on the icons next to them to perform various actions on each blog, such as:

  • Writing a new post: Just click on the orange Pencil icon on your Dashboard to access the Post Editor.
  • Viewing your posts: The gray Post List icon will take you to a list of your published and drafted posts for a specific blog.
  • Catching up on your favorite blogs: Below the list of your own blogs, you’ll see a list of the blogs you follow with an excerpt from their latest posts.
  • Everything else: Check out the drop-down menu next to the Post List icon for a quick link to:
    • Overview
    • Posts
    • Pages
    • Comments
    • Stats
    • Earnings
    • Layout
    • Template
    • Settings

To access your dashboard

  1. Select the Blogger "B" logo on the left side of the NavBar
  2. You'll see a list of all of your blogs. Each blog has a orange button to write a post and a drop-down menu to access all the menus like Layout, Template, and Settings.

  3. Alternatively, you can click Design on the NavBar and you'll go to a Dashboard for the blog you are currently working on (instead of a Dashboard for ALL of your blogs). There are easy links to all of the other menus along the left side of the Dashboard.
  4. Note that the Earnings tab will only show if AdSense supports your language.


Reference: John Unruh-Friesen Tech Tips -  Blogger How To

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