Add or Insert an image to your Blog

Add or Insert an image

You can add an image from your computer or the Web to your blog.

  • Select the image icon in the Post Editor toolbar. A window appears prompting you to browse for an image file on your computer, or enter the URL of an image on the Web.

Once you've selected your image, you can then choose a layout to determine how your image will appear in your post:

  • The 'Left', 'Center', and 'Right' options allow you to customize the way your blog text will flow around your image.
  • The 'Image size' options will determine how large the image will appear within your post.
  • Select UPLOAD IMAGES to add your image, and then select DONE when the notification window appears telling you that 'Your image has been added.' 
  • Blogger will then return you to the post editor, where you'll see your image ready to be published to your blog.

You can also publish images to your blog using your mobile device, Google's free photo software Picasa, or a third-party service like flickr. Learn more


Reference: John Unruh-Friesen Tech Tips -  Blogger How To

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